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Standard and Testing for Energy Used Products: EuP

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Standard and Testing for Energy Used Products: EuP

Electrical and Electronic Products Testing Center (PTEC) is equivalent to a department under TMC of NSTDA (2011). PTEC offers testing, calibration, cooperative research and consultancy services to electrical and electronic industry in Thailand to increase the standards of their products to international level. PTEC supports testing and survey activities through the Operation Department which consists of :

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: EMC testing unit
  • Safety testing unit
  • Solar cell testing unit
  • Electromagnetic Site Survey testing units
  • Project Consultant
  • Products research and development

  • Nowadays, PTEC extend the capable testing by setting up EuP operating section to support the enforcement of the EuP Directive to accommodate the needs of the design and modification of electrical and electronic products industry in Thailand

    The scope of PTEC

    Item Operation Description
    1 Product Testing Services Testing services for Information technology products, appliances products and communication products according to EuP standard requirement :
  • Phase 1 : Computer and Displays on active mode, standby mode and sleep mode
  • Phase 2: Light street, Battery charger, Power Supply and lighting equipments
  • Phase 3: Air conditioner, washing machine and dishwashers
  • Phase 4: Boilers, Shower heater , Imaging equipments, Motor deivces and Commercial refrigerator
  • 2 Product Diagnosis Services Service for consultation, analysis and recommendation to resolve product issues to meet the standard requirements.
    3 Training Services Training services in product testing , product modification and designing to both government and public entities to support the need of the industry.
    4 Research & Development PTEC fully support research and development in this field and other related fields with universities and research entities in design for energy efficiency in active mode, standby mode and sleep mode
    5 Consultant Services Service for the professional and specialize consultation in areas such as
  • Installation of testing the efficiency of the energy industries and preliminary testing
  • Design of quality system
  • Improving the operation system for factories according to EuP requirements.