WiFi/Bluetooth/RFID Product

มาตรฐานและการทดสอบ WiFi/Bluetooth/RFID

RFID Laboratory in PTEC

The RFID Testing station in PTEC is the national pilot project in Thailand.The objection is for support the research and developed RFID devices and RFID system into the various businesses. However, because the organization for performance testing standard in Thailand is unclear direction. So manufactures ,researchers and product developers still are unable raise to quality of international standards and compete with other countries in production.

In order to support and helping RFID industries in Thailand. PTEC set of features and performance testing of RFID applications integrated to leverage RFID technology in Thailand. The project will affect the economy and society. Both at national and international organizations, including the chance to compete in the design

RFID Standard Testing

  • Functional Test This testing is for checking the product which is created and designed to function correctly. The main testing for RFID products is the protocol testing.
  • Signal Strength This testing is used upon the agency to control of each country requirement. For the regulator in Thailand requires RFID testing according to standard NTC TS 5001-2550
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: EMC This test is for interference (noise) in accordance with CISPR22 standard.The RFID products quality have to be compatible with the other electronics that work near during the 3-meter without causing problems for interference frequency or electromagnetic devices. Also they must be able to work in an environment which potential exposure to electromagnetic.
  • Product Safety test To test the durability of the changes in the environment and test the reliability of the electronic products.The products will be tested according to IEC 60950 standard and TISI1956 standard.
  • Field Test To test the RFID performance and effectiveness system after installation according to standard requirement. The testing standard is ISO/IEC 24729 part 3.